02 October, 2023

Regional Centre



 Dear Students,

A) The MEG Programme is modular since the January 2022 Admission cycle. So in the First Year, children opt for module of 24 Credits from among these Modules: the American Literature/ British Literature/ New Literatures in English/ the Novel/Writings from India/ Writings from the Margins.

+ MEG 05: Literary Theory & Criticism

1 Module of 24 Credits + MEG 05= 32 credits


In the 2nd Year of the MEG Programme the students opt for a module other than the one they have already taken in First Year + MEG 04/ MEG 15 (compulsory component). At the same time we also have six PG Diploma Programmes on offer.

1 Module of 24 credits + MEG 04/ MEG 15 = 32 Credits


The 6 PGDs are as follows: 

1)      PGDBLT: Post Graduate Diploma in British Literature

2)     PGDAML: Post Graduate Diploma in American Literature

3)     PGDWI: Post Graduate Diploma in Writings from India

4)     PGDWM: Post Graduate Diploma in Writings from the Margins

5)     PGDNOV: Post Graduate Diploma in the Novel

6)     PGDNLEG: Post Graduate Diploma in New Literatures in English


B) If any student enrolled in the MEG (ODL) Programme drops out of the Programme after the successful completion of the 1st Year, she/ he will be awarded a PG Diploma in the module of his/ her choice (PGDAML, PGDBLT, PGDNLEG, PGDNOV, PGDWM and PGDWI).


C) If a student enrolls for any one of these 6 PG Diplomas and completes it and wishes to enroll for the MEG Programme then she/ he is granted admission in the second year and a credit transfer of the first year courses. As all PGDs have MEG 05 as the compulsory component meeting the first year requirement. 


D) Hence, there is no need to recruit new academic counsellors or to schedule separate counselling for the students enrolled in these 6 PG Diploma Programmes. Their counselling may be scheduled along with the MEG students of those particular courses. 


E) Similarly, the study material, the TMAs and the TEEs are also the same and will be scheduled on the same dates. 


Essentially the Modular Structure of the MEG and the exit and lateral entry permits greater flexibility to the learner/ recognises prior learning and meets the requirements of the NEP 2020. 


In case you need any clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.