24 February, 2024

Regional Centre



 Dear Students, 


In order to encourage IGNOU students and alumni towards Science, Technology and Innovation, the NCIDE and SOS jointly in consultation with the Regional Service Division are organizing  various types of Science, Technology and Innovation promotion activities in the University both at Headquarters and Regional Centres over one month starting on February 01, 2023 and concluding on February 28, 2023. The National Science Day celebration programmes were inaugurated by the Pro-Vice Chancellors, Prof. Satyakam and Prof. Srikant Mohapatra on February 01, 2023.


During this month following activities are being organized for IGNOU students and Alumni aimed at developing scientific temper, creativity and innovative mindset :


1.        Poster Making Competition on Science, Technology and Innovation for National Development.

2.        Essay Writing Competition on Science and Technology enabled Innovation for Development.

3.        Ideathon – An Innovative Idea competition to promote Science and Technology for Societal Development.


The theme areas and the detailed Guidelines for submitting the entries are given at the following Website :




You are requested to kindly participate in these contests. The winners will be given awards at Regional Centre level as well as at the Headquarters level and Certificate of Participation will be given to all. The last date for submitting the entries is February 15, 2023.



With best wishes,