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6 September, 2022

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F.No. IG/SSC/NSP-PMS-RC/2022/145/3086

Date: 2nd August, 2022


Sub.: State/UT/community-wise physical allocation of scholarship and Timeline Activities under the Two Scholarship Schemes for the Year 2022 2023 reg.


Dear Madam/Sir,


Please refer to letter No. F DHE-30(1)/PMS-MOMA/2022-23/4313-15 dated 10th August 2022 from DHE Govt. of NCT of Delhi, along with letter No. F 43(23)/CSS Scholarship/ 2022-23/482-503, dated 1st August 2022 from the State Nodal officer Scholarship Revenue Department, GNCT of Delhi, and Letter No. SS-15/4/2021-Scholarship-MoMA, Govt of India, MOMA, dated 20th July 2022, regarding implementations of three Scholarships viz. (1) Post-Matric, Pre- Matric and Merit cum means Scholarship schemes for minorities Communities for the year 2022-23, address to the Registrar SED vide No. SED/15 dated 26th August 2022, received in SSC vide No. IG/SSC/R/1733 dated 29th August 2022(Copies enclosed for reference).


The timeline for applying at the portal-https://scholarships.gov.in/, with effect from 20th July 2022 to 31 October 2022 for the above-mentioned schemes in respect of minority students. You are requested to kindly disseminate the information among the students through various modes of information as per existing IGNOU norms so that our learners may not be deprived of getting the benefits of scholarships.


With Regards


Yours sincerely


Director, SSC

Dr. Bharat Bhushan Director (SSC) IGNOU


To: All Regional Directors, RCs.


CC; 1 The Director, RSD with a request to instruct to the all RCs.